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The HealthCo HAVANA care bed is an ideal bed for high-end nursing, community and care environments with an aesthetic appearance, delivering enhanced comfort.



• Low-voltage drive system for increased safety of residents and care staff
• High-quality aluminium side rail system (optional)
• Auto contour position of the four-section sleeping surface
• Intuitive hand controller with locking function
• Extensive customisation options 2

Basic care bed – HCO700
The 100 mm single brake castors make the Edition HAVANA 700 care bed easy to move – for flexible use in inpatient and home care The cosy wooden use appearance of the bed structure can be configured individually to match existing furniture.

Easily transportable low care bed – HCO701
The HAVANA 701 low care bed with 100 mm double castors offers and impressively low position of 25 cm (measured from the sleeping surface) making it suitable for fall prevention. At this low storage height, there is a significantly reduced risk of injury if residents roll off the bed.
The version with full-length side rails is a preferred economical alternative to the split side rail versions.

Stability for specific challenges
The HAVANA 701 care bed has a safe working load of 180kg and is specifically designed for a homecare environment. The reinforced undercarriage with 8 double rollers in combination with an extremely robust, firmly welded metal grid sleeping surface is designed to meet the highest demands in terms of stability and safety.

Transfer position
The transfer position facilitates simple mounting and dismounting at seating height in conjunction with the mobilising side rail system.

Auto contour position
A comfortable, upright reclining position is achieved by simultaneously adjusting the back rest and upper leg support.
The optional mattress compensation of the back rest prevents compression and relieves pressure on the buttocks.

Working height
The working height means that the resident can be cared for in an ergonomic position, which protects the backs of the care staff. This position can be quickly reached thanks to the motorised adjustment.

Sleeping surfaces
The four-section sleeping surface with optional mattress compensation offers outstanding ergonomics and a high level of comfort. Retracting the back rest during the adjustment process helps to relieve pressure in the buttocks area.
The HAVANA basic care bed version has a metal slat sleeping surface, which has the advantage of being easy to clean and disinfect along with good mattress ventilation.
The robust metal mesh sleeping surface has excellent ventilation properties and enables optimal moisture transfer.
The comfort sleeping surface has flexible spring elements, which means it adapts optimally to the body and is effective at helping to prevent pressure sores.

Model Havana 700 Havana 701
Sleeping surface 90 x 200cm 90 x 200cm
Outer dimensions 100 x 206cm 100 x 206cm
Safe working load Max 180 kg Max 180 kg
Backrest adjustment 70° ± 5° 70° ± 5°
Legrest adjustment 18° ± 2° 18° ± 2°
Under bed lighting  ° °
Bed extension 10cm / 20cm * 
GS side rails ° °
DS side rails
Bedside panels °
Double castors  100mm
Single castors 100 mm 100mm
Comfort mounting height 25cm 25cm
Care height 80cm 80cm
Auto contour position
Central brake
Metal slat sleeping surface
Metal mesh sleeping surface  ° °
Comfort sleeping surface ° °
Back rest mattress compensation ° °
Hand controller with locking function
Key:  • Standard   ° Optional  *Optional with full-length side rail designs


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