HealthCo are proud to introduce to the UK market a range of high-quality high-end mattresses all of which meet fully, international certification and standards.

HealthCo Supreme Mattress HCO600

The HealthCo Supreme is a high quality 5” Overlay Mattress

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HealthCo Royal Mattress HCO601

The HealthCo Royal is a high quality level 8” Full Replacement Mattress

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HealthCo UTS™ Mattress HCO602

The fully automatic HealthCo UTS™ (Universal Therapy System)

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Heritage II Digital Turn

Dynamic mattress replacement incorporating continuous turning and turn assist

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Vandal Proof Mattress

HealthCo’ s Vandal Proof Mattress is specifically designed for institutional and challenging care environments where there is high risk of exposure to intended damage.

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