Wellbeing/Monitoring by HealthCo

HealthCo are proud to introduce to the UK market a range of high-quality wellbeing and monitoring products.

Non Contact Digital Thermometer HCO550

Non-contact, handheld infrared thermometer

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HealthCo High Capacity Chair Scale NOVA M-200

Robustly built, with premium features and an extra-wide seat, this chair scale will weigh almost any patient – providing reliable weighings for many years.

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HealthCo Professional Chair Scale NOVA M-210

A lightweight, high capacity professional chair scale – our best seller to hospitals and nursing homes.

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HealthCo Easy To Use Chair Scale NOVA M-225

Robust, reliable and long-lasting. But functions are easier to access, weight readings are clearer – and accuracy has doubled to 100g.

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HealthCo Chair Scale With Stand Assist NOVA M-250

Smooth, slow lifting seat mechanism for patient comfort, In fact, weighing patients could be up to 70% easier.

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