The HealthCo Supreme Fit Deluxe sling is a full sling designed with split legs and a body shape that provides a very comfortable, supportive and safety shape that reduces the risk for shear and pressure to the body. This is used for transfers where the user has little neck and head control and is also very suitable for above the knee amputees. Suitable for most transfers in a seating or laying position and where user have little neck and/or head control. The sling is for use with lifters/hoists and hanger bars with loop attachment hooks. The Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling will assist the caregiver for lifting and transfer a patient in either a sitting or laying position, from and to the bed and/or wheelchair.

•  Max: 275kg / 605 lbs.

•  The Supreme Fit Deluxe Loop Sling will fit most lifts with standard hangerbars with loop attachment hooks.

Sizing chart

Size XS S M L XL
Seat (cm) 90 98 113 128 132
Height (cm) 50 55 61 75 80
Code Description Size
40037 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling XSmall
40038 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling Small
40039 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling Medium
40040 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling Large
40041 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling XLarge
40043 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling, Mesh XSmall
40044 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling, Mesh Small
40045 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling, Mesh Medium
40046 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling, Mesh Large
40047 Supreme Fit Deluxe Sling, Mesh XLarge
40049 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling XSmall
40050 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling Small
40051 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling Medium
40052 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling Large
40053 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling XLarge
40055 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling, Mesh XSmall
40056 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling, Mesh Small
40057 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling, Mesh Medium
40058 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling, Mesh Large
40059 Supreme Fit Deluxe HS Sling, Mesh XLarge