This lift features electrical lifting designed to ease everyday routines for both patients and caregivers. The lift is powerful enough to handle lifting and moving procedures for most patients in all professional care settings. This lift is constructed to provide safe resident handling and avoid back discomfort to the caregivers.

Padded 360° Hanger Bar – The swivel action allows the patient to be positioned at ANY ANGLE. Six-point attachment allows multiple sling types. The hanger bar comes in two styles – straight or angled. 

LINAK® Actuator – Smooth and quiet performance. Effortless and precise control on the lifting height.

Double Roller Castor – The double roller front castors improves the lift stability.

Low Castor Base – Reduced base level allows the lift to be easily manoeuvred around furniture.

Rechargeable Battery – Direct or standalone charging options are available.

Ergonomic Handle – Infinite-grip push handle is ideal for any caregiver to operate without any wrist discomfort.

Adjustable Base – Extended shifter handle enables easy and quick opening and closing of the lift base.

Lockable Castors – The rear castors can be locked to keep the lift stationary when unused.

Height at Sling Hook Up (Max) 1816mm / 71.5”

Height at Sling Hook Up (Min) 566mm / 22.3”

Base Height (Furniture Clearance) 114mm / 4.5”

Weight of Lift 47 kg / 104 lb

Weight Capacity (Safe Working Load) 200 kg / 450 lb