A lightweight, high capacity professional chair scale –

our best seller to hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Hinged armrests and footrests for easy patient access
  • Premium build quality and made to last
  • Class III Approved/MDD Approved for medical use
  • Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity to futureproof your scale

Get an accurate weight reading, conveniently

The medically approved M-210, our best-selling chair scale, makes getting an accurate weight reading of your patient simple.

It has been designed with the user in mind – with hinged arm and footrests for easy patient transfer. Once in the chair, your patient can be weighed easily, with weight readings as accurate to the nearest 50g.

Bluetooth connectivity is available as an option, enabling data transfer from the scale to PCs, databases, tablets and smartphones.

Useful features, simple to use

The chair’s intuitive indicator provides clear, easy to understand readings. As well as weight, BMI can also be calculated. Tare allows you to remove unwanted weight.

Connect the indicator to the optional printer – and you have an instant hard copy of the weight, BMI, date and time data.

A built-in rechargeable battery means greater flexibility – you can use the scale anywhere!

Built to last

The chair’s features extremely high build quality making it durable and long lasting. It comes with a two year warranty, and for extra peace of mind can be backed by a full service contract.

Capacity: 250kg

Graduations: 50g<150kg>100g

Weight of scale: 18kg

Power Supply: Mains/Rechargeable Battery

Dimensions: 400 x 380mm

*All dimensions are approximate

Optional Extras

Bluetooth Connectivity

Thermal Printer