• Smooth, slow lifting seat mechanism for patient comfort
  • Hinged armrests and footrests for easy patient access
  • Premium build quality and made to last
  • Class III Approved/MDD Approved for medical use
  • Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity to futureproof your scale

Easier for staff

In fact, weighing patients could be up to 70% easier.

The chair scale with a hydraulically powered seat. Using the handheld control, the seat can be raised and lowered. This means the scale itself does most of the work in lifting a patient out of the seat after weighing.

This means less effort required by staff – in fact, during tests, we found that the effort required to lift a patient from sitting to standing could be reduced by as much as 70%.

That means less effort for staff, a better experience for patients – and reduced risk of back injuries from regular lifting of patients.

Easy operation

With a simple handheld control.

A separate remote control allows the seat to be raised ready for the patient.

Movement is smooth and comfortable for the patient, both when lowering into, and raising out of, the seat.

Enhances best practices

As well as saving time and money.

The chair scale enhances manual handling best practices.

Plus, in most instances, the number of carers required can be reduced from two to one.

If you want to reduce time, effort and money, the chair scale is a valuable investment and allows you to make weighing processes easier for patients or residents unable to stand unaided.

High accuracy

Class III Approval ensures high accuracy for medical use.

Class III and MDD approvals make the chair scale legal for medical weighing, and gives you peace of mind in its build quality and weighing accuracy.

As with other premium Marsden medical scales, all weighing functions are accessible via a two-screen indicator, featuring a full numeric keypad for BMI calculation, plus the option of Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity for transferring patient weight readings to your database.

Capacity: 250kg

Graduations: 100g

Seat dimensions: 530mm (W) x 465mm (D)

Overall dimensions: 575mm (W) x 990mm (D) x 1025mm (H)

Power: Mains/rechargeable battery

Battery life:  Up to 3000 weigh-ins (or 55 hours of continuous use)

*All dimensions are approximate